Why We Love These Stripey Turkish Flatweaves

The stripes of our hand-loomed Turkish rugs strike a timeless chord between wholesome roots and contemporary style. Made mostly from naturally pigmented wool, they reflect the beautiful colours of the sheep in…
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Reclaimed iroko kitchen by retrouvius

Caring For Reclaimed Iroko

Reclaimed iroko is extremely durable, versatile and naturally mould-resistant. Our guide explains how to maximise the lifespan and aesthetics of the timber.
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Caring For Your Iroko

A Retrouvius guide to caring for one of of best sellers. Our salvaged iroko is a tropical hardwood from school science laboratories most commonly reused for kitchen worktops.
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Re-use in action: Utility Rooms

Utility rooms require materials that are suitable for cleaning. Reclaimed stone, brick, hardwoods and ceramic tiles are all resilient and work well.
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Re-use in Action: Little Loos

Smaller guest loos are often our favourite rooms to design. Free from the limitations of what constitutes good taste they offer a place for more exuberant choices…
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