Inside Our Cosiest Box Bedroom Creations

As the bite of January sets in our design team finds joy in reminiscing about the snug and intimate bedrooms we’ve crafted. These spaces prioritise not just comfort but an immersive experience, celebrating the warmth and tactility inherent in salvaged materials.

Elevated Comfort in Le Marais, Paris

Perched high above the bustling streets of Le Marais, this box bedroom offers a serene retreat. Its vantage point invites you to lean out and savour a quiet moment with a book, enveloped in the distant hum of streetside cafes. Adding to its allure, a vintage suzani repurposed as a curtain infuses a burst of colour, with under-bed storage that features a weathered brass handle.

  • #6104 EARLY PRODUCTION ANGLEPOISE LAMPS – £495 +VAT each (View here)
  • #6927 SUZANI WALL HANGING – £695 +VAT (View textile stock)
  • Discover handles in stock here

Charm and Substance: Box Beds in Paris

In another Parisian project nestled south of the Seine we used salvaged tongue and groove to create boxed beds in the children’s bedrooms. They create a sense of having a mini apartment within a room, offering distinct areas for sleeping and living. Our aim was to imbue a timeless solidity, allowing the wood to age gracefully or be easily refreshed with a new coat of paint.

Back in London at ‘Country Home in the City‘, reclaimed pine cheeseboards entirely clad the guest room, bringing warmth and tactility. A circular copperlight window improves the flow of natural light and creates a unique feature.

A Multi-functional Retreat for Guests

In the heart of central London, an inviting snug space doubles as a reading nook or a spare bedroom for friends. Crafted with our salvaged iroko, the under bed joinery speaks to both functionality and sustainability. Our recently acquired deep drawers sourced from a museum store offer an equally efficient solution for optimising space.

  • #8536 SMALL PERSIAN RUG – £575 +VAT (View textile stock)
  • #8839 RECLAIMED HARDWOOD WORKTOPS – (View timber stock)
  • #8568 DEEP MUSEUM DRAWERS – £450 +VAT each set (Discover salvaged drawers here)