Creative Re-Use: 5 Alternative Uses for Vintage Drawers


Retrouvius recently acquired a substantial collection of vintage drawers, sourced from a prominent London museum. These drawers boast a sturdy construction, featuring a mix of timbers with solid hardwood fronts.

The versatility of vintage drawers extends far beyond their original purpose. Repetition of these unique items opens up exciting possibilities for creative re-use. Here are our top 5 ideas:


Vintage Drawers as the Starting Point For a Kitchen



Create a one-of-a-kind kitchen by using well-crafted vintage drawers as the foundation. The key is to acquire several identical drawers, which can be a challenging task. The result is a robust kitchen that stands out with character and charm.

Incorporate Vintage Drawers into Joinery



Incorporating vintage drawers into joinery creates a feature of the rich timber, adding a touch of history to a new space and creating a design focal point.

Vintage Drawers as Under-bed Storage



We often incorporate bespoke box beds into our design projects, the ideal solution for small bedrooms. Take inspiration from this London Pied a Terre, where a snug space for reading and hosting guests was created using reclaimed iroko. You could achieve a similar effect by repurposing vintage drawers for the under-bed storage.

Vintage Drawers for Design Mood Boards


For interior designers and architects, a stash of vintage drawers offers a unique twist on traditional mood boards. Our design studio’s favourite trick involves using old wooden drawers to create visually appealing mood trays for clients. This not only creates an aesthetic experience but also works wonders for storage.

Vintage Drawers For Retail Display



Working with a haul of drawers that Retrouvius salvaged from the Natural History Museum in Edinburgh, shoe designer Tracey Neuls created a captivating display for her retail space. We especially love that these displays can be re-used again in other contexts. For archival and display purposes, take a look at out beech and ply drawers, available at £15 + VAT per drawer.




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