Interior Design Inspiration for Reclaimed Windows

During renovation projects, single-glazed windows often face replacement. While their external application may be obsolete, they offer a plethora of opportunities for enhancing internal spaces and infusing them with charm.

This post explores some of our Design Studio’s favourite ways to repurpose reclaimed windows; extending the play of natural light and visual connection, while maintaining practical features like acoustic barriers.

Above: These single glazed windows and doors originally led onto the garden. When replaced, they were rejuvenated and brought inside to offer an acoustic barrier between the entrance hall and living room.

Above: These windows allowed us to create an internal kitchen that would otherwise have been unpleasantly void of natural light – similar can easily be achieved with salvaged windows. A brilliant trick for large open plan spaces such as warehouse or barn conversions, where external walls with windows can be in short supply.

Glazed windows from various sources can be united by a lick of paint – it’s not necessary for them all to match. The panes of windows reused as cabinet/wardrobe doors can be also back-painted or panelled if you want to disguise mess beyond! 

Above: View from the kitchen sink with a twist! This internal window looks onto the hallway and staircase.

Above: Old crittall windows are abundant in charm but are rarely appropriate for external re-use. Retrouvius salvaged a huge haul of crittall from the renovation of Battersea Power Station, which became fundamental to the aesthetic of Bella Freud’s London home. The apartment, which is land-locked and lit entirely from above, is centred around a courtyard space that connects to the surrounding rooms by crittall doors and windows. They allow natural light to reach through the home, with curtains that offer privacy when needed.

You can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your interior with small vintage windows – characterful copperlight  are our favourite. These charming accents are perfect for brightening up compact spaces such as bathrooms, hallways and pantries, especially when fitted within or above a doorway.

This is a brilliant solution for windowless rooms such as the downstairs loo, allowing them to borrow light from another room. The window can be inserted above eye level or made discreet with a curtain.

Though salvaged windows usual reuse is interior but sheds or garden studios offer up external reuses.

Above: A verdant delight in spring and summer, Retrouvius designed this garden office for Henrietta Courtauld of The Land Gardeners with vintage copperlight windows. 

Above: This incredible vintage window is no longer suitable for external use, but creates a wonderful architectural feature, a work of art in of itself. 

We’ve saved some bloody big examples over the years! If you’ve got the space, they create an unparalleled talking point…

Above: This incredible window was salvaged from the Whiteley Centre and had to be craned down from the roof. 

Above: A similar window salvaged from a joiner’s workshop in Park Royal has been used at our Church project in Gloucestershire. Serendipitously reminiscent of the original windows, it gives a view from the master bedroom down into the main living space below.



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