Dartmoor Home

Devon, UK

Nestled in nature, this 17th-century building, with 20th-century Tudor and Gothic style additions, stands as a testament to decoration’s power to transform a space without the need for extensive architectural interventions.

Throughout the building, we’ve softened the imposing granite walls with a coat of limewash and adorned the interiors with vintage rugs and textiles, infusing warmth and colour.

The bedrooms are designed to give guests a sense of retreat from the bustling social areas of the house. Each possesses its own unique textile language, whether it’s an antique Suzani, panels of Chinese indigo, or antique Indian embroidery.

In the sitting room, Bauwerk lime wash in a rich muddy cocoa sets the mood. The window seat cushions are upholstered in vintage woven Turkish textiles, complemented by brass and copper lanterns, all from our own lighting stock.

Dartmoor Home was featured House and Garden magazine.