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Parquet blocks are often reclaimed from school assembly halls and large commercial spaces.

Many different timber types are available of varying rarity, durability, cost and quality.
Most popular are hardwoods like oak and teak.

Most commonly used as a flooring material parquet can also give warmth and decorative interest used vertically in panel form. 

A variety of parquet patterns can be used - a ladder pattern is efficient and has a more modern geometry.

Old bitumen backing needs to be removed before using. This is a dirty and time consuming job and will add considerable costs onto your project. Blocks may have tongue and grooved or dowelled. These need to be in good condition to allow a tight fit. Acclimatise timber to your home environment. To use with underfloor heating you may require a sub-layer of plywood.

Sanding is normally done after laying but for a more textural finish you can hand sand individual blocks.