Smaller guest loos are often our favourite rooms to design. Free from the limitations of what constitutes good taste they offer a place for more exuberant choices.

Located in awkward spaces, back of house areas, under stairs, off entrance halls and landings, they can lack space and natural light. But these small rooms are vital for modern living. Be it a brief visit during a day’s gardening, the facility for house party guests or a place for the whole family to scrub their hands before mealtimes.

These rooms offer respite and can bring a smile to your face. Be brave with your palette and have fun in the smallest room.

This jewel box under the stairs was created using a quartet of greens. An enamelled wash basin, vitralite float glass and spangly 1930’s wallpaper are all salvaged, with flooring in thick glazed tiles. A vintage Italian mirror is backlit to bring it all to life.

Painting this cloakroom loo a very dark colour creates a strong backdrop to make a decorative victorian loo and vintage washstand in pastel pink pop.

The wonderful Agnes of Emery et Cie provided the colour palette for this guest loo.

Hidden halfway up a staircase it nestles amongst rolls of hand printed wallpaper by Daniel Heath and is lined is Agnes’ hand cut zellige tiles and papers.

We used hand block printed sheets our client had found to paper this room. Perfect for use in smaller spaces the Mid Century prints are an artwork for all guests to enjoy.

Reclaimed Spanish tiles are used as flooring and a brilliant deep basin stands at the perfect height for all the family to hand wash.

Salvaged tiles in a punchy glaze give a simple and industrial feel to this paired back loo by the garden door.

Fun busy wallpapers are perfect for guest loos. Our clients love taking a risk with a design they love but don’t want to commit a huge space to.

This zany paper by Lizzy Allen and a perfectly vulgar vintage mirror set gives a new lease of life to this groundfloor loo.

Two vintage wallpapers bring bold print to this tiny space. A single strip of each placed on the horizontal and vertical offer an effective and cost efficient solution where budget is tight.

Timorous Beasties Glasgow Toile provides the wall covering and the modesty screen in this space.

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