Church in Progress

Gloucestershire, UK

Retrouvius is in the process of re-imagining a listed Church in Gloucestershire.

The original buildings consist of a grand open church space, pulpit-and-all, that connects to an equally spacious Sunday School. Our design allows them to function independently or as a connected whole, with a vision for a dynamic space that could welcome community gatherings or retreating artists… whilst retaining the familiarity of home.

Extensive sustainable wood-fibre insulation means the building is now heated by air source heat pumps, allowing the space to operate efficiently despite its expansive ceilings and ethereally-large windows.

Testament to our philosophy of re-use, we’ve endeavoured to work with already-accumulated materials wherever possible… reclaimed stone offcuts tile the shower, a haul of old wooden gates have become walls to the guest bedrooms, and a vintage shower set sits at the reclaimed kitchen sink.