7 Questions With Katie Clarke, Co-Owner of The George in Rye

Describe The George in 3 words.

Quirky, comfortable, welcoming.

What’s your first memory of Retrouvius?

We met in the Retrouvius warehouse when I dropped my car keys behind a whole pile of Iroko worktops! I was shown to her studio to wait and feed my baby daughter Matilda (now 20).  In the two hours it took to get them out we chatted and have been great friends ever since.

What connects the philosophy of The George and Retrouvius?

Like Retrouvius we would much rather use salvaged, reclaimed, and vintage items in the hotel where possible.  We have an inherent dislike of contract furniture and if buying new we try to source high quality UK companies whose ethical principles are aligned with ours.  We love the story behind a lovely found object or textile, which often will lead to the design behind a whole space.


Which is your favourite material used in the project and why?

Although it was a total mission to actually use, the huge Thames barge sail that lines the restaurant walls is amazing.  Luckily my upholsterers are based at Manston airport so there was plenty of space to lay it out!

Favourite bathtub?

The ridiculously huge nickel one in room 34, big enough for a whole family but best for 2!


Room 34 at The George in Rye

If you could make sure guests visit one local place, where would you send them?

That’s so tricky, there are so many!  But probably Great Dixter Gardens.

What’s your favourite Rye dog walk?

 I think it has to be Winchelsea beach.