Re-use in Action: Iroko

We salvage large amounts of iroko and teak worktops from school and college laboratories. As well as being a valuable material resource they have often acquired incredible patination through graffiti and heavy use.


Reclaimed iroko with graffiti


Most of our clients now want to retain as much character as possible to make the history obvious. This is a fashionable change from a few years ago when clients opted for a sanded-back clean look.


Reclaimed iroko bath surround


Hardwood worktops make excellent surfaces for cafe tables, bath surrounds, kitchen worktops, splash backs, table tops etc.


Reclaimed iroko staircase


The seasoned wood is normally very stable.

They will need to be reshaped and refinished and jointed. To refinish, strip with paint stripper, wash, then apply a hard wax oil to seal.


Reclaimed iroko woktop