Family House W11

A family house in a smart neighbourhood but built incredibly shoddily.

A balance needed to be found. Do you make do and mend? Or commit and invest 100 years into the building to bring it up to C21st standards; structurally levelled out with modern insulation and new roofing? We committed to the latter - with the building completely opened up to the elements and re-built. 

How to achieve this without the whole place becoming soulless and without texture? A rabbit warren of spaces was replaced with a design to keep the width of the building - enabling views straight into the communal gardens. Distinct yet visually integrated areas in this relatively small home were essential and salvage provides the warmth and texture needed.

Our re-use approach had simplicity - with former French doors (no longer secure) used internally and a garden cabin of salvaged copper framed windows serving as home office and guest room. 

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